I Hate Christmas!

Oscar so had it right. Christmas stinks.


It makes blogging tough when all you’re
knitting is projects that have to be kept under wraps until after the holidays.
How many times can I post, "I’m working on this thing. It’s going
pretty good. But I can’t show you a picture… or tell you what it is….
or who it’s for…"

Last year, I did a lot of gift knitting-
so much in fact that I wasn’t all the way caught up until some time in
February March… nevermind, I never got all the way caught up. One present
didn’t get done until around May, so I just decided to keep it. It just
seemed a little ridiculous to be giving someone a cabled alpaca hat in
the middle of Derby season… and besides, I really like it.

Around October, as I was starting to
feel the holiday knitting urge coming on, I told myself that this year,
I would be better off to skip the whole messy affair. Just because I knit,
is it my responsibility to make sure every friend and family member is
hatted, scarved, mittened and socked? Of course not! Be reasonable!

But… this hat would be so cute for
so-and-so. And so-and-so already said she was knitting me something, so
I want to knit something for her. I guess I can make one or two things…
that’s not so bad. Maybe even three or four…

And so it starts. Before I know it,
I’m up to my eyeballs in knitting projects destined for gifting. I am such
a masochist. Granted, not as much of a masochist as Miss Backyard Leaves
here, but still.

So you may be wondering… who shot
Kennedy? Well, that I can’t help you with, but if you were wondering how
the Rotation Diet is helping me through my seasonal knitting load, I’m
sorry to report that I’ve found a flaw in my plan. It’s not quite so big
a problem that I’m ready to give up the Rotation. Just a little hitch.

The problem is that from time to time,
I don’t buy all the yarn I need for a project. (I know, I know… bad knitter.)
Sometimes this is totally an accident, and sometimes I just can’t afford
to buy it all in one fell swoop. I ran out of yarn on *both* of my Rotation
projects, not including the socks, over Thanksgiving weekend. So now both
of those projects are sitting in my basket of UFO’s, waiting for more yarn,
and a third project has made its way temporarily into the Rotation. (I
know that technically, I could be working on my socks during this crisis,
but there’s only so much sock knitting I can take at one time. Five days
in a row of nothing but socks would have made for a very cranky holiday
weekend at Casa de Golightly.)

I know that this whole running out of
yarn thing pretty much ruins the point of the Rotation, but I am justifying
it because:

1) There was no way for me to continue
my Rotation projects without yarn, and there was no way for me to get said

2) I promise that the moment I can get
to the necessary yarn, I will take my temporary project back out of Rotation.
Only when I’m done with the projects I was forced to set aside will I allow
myself to even think about working on the temporary project. And once I
am back to working on the temporary project, it will definitely stay in
Rotation until it’s done.

3) In the future, I will try harder
to not gamble with yardage. I will still probably not be able to buy all
the necessary yarn at one time for some of my larger projects, but I will
at least try to buy enough to last over extended weekends.

Other than that slight setback, I’m
going to have to go all testimonial on y’all and say that Rotating is changing
my kniting and my life in a positive way. In the grand scheme of things,
I feel like learning to see projects through to completion is making me
a better, more disciplined person. I have to put a lot more thought into
what I cast on, which has this wonderful effect of separating the wheat
from the chaff- in other words, I’m not casting on for all kinds of crap
just because. If I’m making a commitment to finish what I start, than I
have to make sure that I’m going to want to finish the thing!

Being the cast on slut that I am, I’m
a little surprised this is working for me. Previous attempts at progress
monogamy have been nothing but miserable failures. I think the key to my
success here is that Rotation isn’t about monogamy. You’re making a commitment,
but it’s more like a menage toi (eh, I can’t spell in French…) than a till-death-do-us-part kind of thing.

Oh, and actually finishing a project
from time to time is a very nice bonus.

Speaking of which…

The first Stripey Sock is finished.
I like the way it fits my foot. I’m going to swatch again and see if I’m
still getting 7 st/in. If not, I’m going to adjust my needles in hopes
of getting around the problem I keep having with one sock being noticably
larger than the other one. I have discovered that my foot isn’t nearly as large as I thought. No complaints there!

Also, my only non-gift project at the
moment happens to be my temporary project- the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. Isn’t it just precious? I’ll
provide some more stats once it’s finished.

(Camera dead. Pictures ASAP.)


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