Playing Fetch and Catching Up

A Post In Five Acts:

Act I: (Wherin the Knitter makes a pair of Fetching gloves (from the Summer ’06 Knitty) and isn’t really that pleased with them.)

To be fair before I start complaining, I will say that this is a very fun knit and is even more fun because it requires very little yarn or time. I particurally enjoyed them because I got to learn to cable without a cable needle, a technique that I now consider to be charming, delightful, and all around better than using a cable needle. (You too can experience the magic thanks to Grumperina’s fabulous tutorial.)

Now, onto the bitching!

My problems with the gloves are threefold. Number one, Cashmerino might not have been the best choice of yarns for something that is going to go through a lot of wear. Not only does it start pilling rapidly, if you don’t leave a very long tail and spend a lot of time weaving it in… be prepared to  have it pop right out and start unraveling. (Naturally, I left a very short tail because I was worried about running out of yarn.) Dropped

Number two, they are very short, especially on my long fingers. If you’re interested in having them fit your hand correctly, I’d suggest buying two balls, trying the glove on frequently, and adding length before the final cable twist. My final qualm is the picot bind off. This is a matter of opinion, but I don’t find it very attractive.

Act II: (Wherein the Knitter unveils her plan for reduction of WIPs and
increasing the probability of actually finishing something in the next
decade or so.
Part of the reason posting has been non-existent infrequent over the last two weeks is that I am in the midst of a knitting experiment that has resulted in, well… not much to talk about. I’ve been trying to come up with a clever name for it, but the best I can come up with is The Rotation Diet.

The Rotation Diet is based on a very simple concept from Knit 2 Together. The book is sprinkled with little "purls" of wisdom from the authors, and one of them essentially says that the reason you never get anything done is because you’re doing to many different things. The author (I don’t know which one) gently suggests that you should have no more than two projects "in rotation" at a time.

My blogless friend Mylea and I have decided that this is a very pragmatic suggestion, and since we would like to have some finished objects, we’re trying to follow the book’s advice, with a couple small alterations. For example, after thorough analysis, we’ve decided that having a sock going in addition to your two main projects doesn’t really count, so the rules are that three total projects can be going at once, as long as one of those projects is a sock. Technically, more than one of your three projects can be a sock- but if there’s no sock on the needle, you only get two projects! (For those of you familiar with Weight Watchers, just think of that third sock project as using your flex points… not wholly neccesary, but perfect for those times that you simply must cast on!)

So what are my three projects?

Act III: (Wherein the Knitter is a few rows away from the completion of the Top Secret Socks, and it’s a good thing to because the Birthday is drawing nigh.)

My optional sock project is still the Top Secret Sock. It is maddeningly close to completion. I work on it a lot at lunch with my non-knitting friends at work, and they’ve all commented that they’ve been looking at the same sock for so long now that they feel like it’s become a part of our lunch routine and they’ll be sad to see it go. I’ve been working on them for a whole month, and I can’t wait to get them off my needles!

Act IV: (Wherein the Knitter is still working fervently on
the Clap, and starting to wonder if it will ever actually end.

Closeup2The Clap is my primary project, but it did have to take a backseat for a few days last week while I waited to be able to buy another ball of yarn for it. (I was finally able to get it thanks to my prize winnings from Tara’s Halloween contest. Thanks Tara! If I got paid on a regular basis for taking smutty pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror… well, this blog might have to come with an explicit warning.) Three balls of Lion and Lamb down, one to go…. unless I get incredibly lucky and can finish it in three balls. Even if I do, I’ll probably still get the fourth because I’d like to make this cute matching Clap Cap.

Act V: (Wherein the Knitter pouts about her Aran Pullover issues, and concludes her blog post in a clever and thought provoking manner… maybe.)

Unfortunately, my second main project isn’t going so well. I picked up my Aran Sweater, which hasn’t been seen since quite a few posts ago. I finished one sleeve and started working on the back again, and it’s been nothing but trouble every since. I can’t figure out exactly what’s gone wrong, but I’m way off the chart and stuck so I’ve ripped out everything I’ve done since I started working on it again.

I haven’t even had the energy to put it back on the needles, and I think I’m probably going to end up cheating and setting it aside in favor of something a little more manageable. There are a several projects I have in mind and they all sound like a hell of a lot more fun than fighting with this complicated chart right now. And there’s nothing in my Rotation Diet rules about not casting on new stuff… stay tuned!



  1. Elizabeth said

    I love your new look!!
    Sorry about the sweater-drama. See you tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Jessie said

    This is quite lovely, but what happened to the smutty pictures?

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