Clap Cam, Day 2

I am in love.

After what could only be described as a marathon of Clap knitting last night, and about 4  more hours of Clap knitting today, I’m done with Section 2 and about about three repeats into Section 3. I had thought that by this point I would be bored with it, but this scarf has really captivated me. Is it the sheer wonderfulness of the yarn? The clever increases, decreases, and twisting stitches? Or is it the fun of getting to drop stitches on purpose? I don’t know, but I am totally obsessed!

I would probably still be working on it right now, but I ran out of yarn so I have to wait till I can get to the yarn store on Wednesday. *SOB*

Since I had to put my Clap down, I decided to do something semi productive and relocate my yarn to the living room, strategically positioned so that I can stare at my stash during commercials. I cleared off my smallest bookshelf and let Inspector Louie make sure it was yarn-ready.


I’m pretty sure he approves. The final result:



  1. Elizabeth said

    I want your clap! BTW I can’t come on Wed. because I have to teach a stupid inservice until 8:30 pm that night. But I’ll *definitely* be at the KN on Sunday. Will we even recognize each other?

  2. Your Clap is just gorgeous!!
    And your Louie is *adorable*!!!

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