This has not been a great weekend for knitting. I had to work Saturday, and therefore missed a trip to an out-of-area yarnstore with some friends. Working Saturday meant that I didn’t get my normal laundry list of household chores and errand running done, so I had to skip my regular dose of Sunday knitting to catch up to that. I’ve snuck some knitting in here and there, but it’s been pretty uninspiring. I hope this is just a temporary funk induced by Louie stress and not being able to afford yarn.

It’s been almost two weeks since I made a yarn purchase, and I’m really starting to feel it. I’m thinking about buying a couple balls of dishcloth cotton to take the edge off. (Nevermind that I haven’t actually completed a dishcloth in months.)

But everytime I get up to go to my local generic craft store, I see my gigantic stash bag of dishcloth cotton, and I just can’t justify another ball. Even if it is only a dollar. (Pity party at the Golightly blog! Yay! *throws some confetti and cries a little cry*)

The new fall issue of Knitty is not helping. I’m just bursting to buy the yarn for the Ivy wrap sweater. I did the math and if I buy the alpaca-tencel blend yarn the pattern calls for at Elann, it will cost me only slightly more than fifty dollars to knit. Fifty dollars! Oh, the humanity!


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