Ok, so no pictures today- sorry guys, but half the reason I haven’t updated in awhile is because I don’t really have anything on the needles that really warrants a photograph. Sure, there’s been progress made- progress on a sock (the second sock of the pair, no less- my first sucessful pair ever), progress on the Ribby Cardi (sleeve #1 is dangerously close to the finish line), even a little progress on my Aran Pullover (here’s a hint kids: cables are better when you take the time to figure out how to read the chart.) But you know what? I’m with Grumperina– progress can be boring. I love reading other people’s knitblogs, and while I don’t mind seeing the knitting grow, it’s much more exciting when there are finished objects to peruse. And there are no finished objects here at Casa de Golightly.

So I’m mostly posting for the benefit of my girls at Sophie’s to let y’all know that I was not bullshitting about the Amish belief that devils and demons can hang off of buttons. I was thinking about it on the way home, and I remembered that I first read that in a book called Plain Girl, when I was in the fifth grade. It was originally published in 1955, and it’s basically a story about a 10 year old Amish girl who has to go to public school, causing her to question her Amish ways. I remember liking it. (You just have to click on the link and read the kid reviews for the book on Amazon. They are adorable and hilarious.) There’s a scene in the book where the girl is talking with her brother about why the Amish don’t wear buttons, and he teases her about devils being able to hang off them.

Can you believe I remember this? I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast, but I can remember a conversation that takes place in a book that I read well over 10 years ago!

Regardless, that is the origin of my button story. In context, I’m pretty sure that it is not like a widely held religious belief of the Amish. More like a boogeyman story. So there’s your Amish factoid of the day.


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