Ribby Report

The Ribby Cardi is coming along at a steady pace. As you can see, the back and most of the first sleeve are done. The right front isn’t in the picture, but I’m working on it too. I don’t want to alarm anyone… but I might actually finish this one! Ribbycardi1

But, I have been cheating on Ribby, just a little bit. But don’t blame me! I was seduced by orange tweed!


This is the first few rows of the Aran Pullover (generic title? maybe just a little?) designed by Kristin Nicholas from the Winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits. It was love at first sight. The yarn is new this fall from Alpaca With a Twist, which you can buy at Sophie’s here in Louisville. It’s called Highlander, and it’s a beautiful, tweedy alpaca-wool blend, and it is going to make an awesome sweater.

I’m a little worried about my cables though. Since this is the first repeat of the pattern, it’s really hard to tell if they just look weird because they’re just starting out, or if I’ve really screwed it up. Unfortunately, only time will tell. Oh well, what’s yarn if you can rip it back out and try again?


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