Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything

Sometimes, it’s really hard to be generous
when it comes to yarn. You love your knitting friends, but there is a finite
amount of the woolly stuff to be had, especially when it comes to the more
unique varieties. There is very little more painful to a knitter than deeply
desiring a yarn that is no longer available. So when I find something really
special, it creates a massive conundrum. There’s an inner battle between
the altruistic part of me that wants to share the love with knitters everywhere, and my inner stasher,
whose sole priority is to use the emergency credit card to buy every skein
in sight, pack it into the spare bedroom, and never tell a soul. (My inner
stasher bears an eerie resemblance to Gollum. "My preciousssss….")

Lucky for y’all, a combination of love
for my fellow knitters and the sad reality that I can’t buy it all has
lead my altruistic self to victory, and so I am sharing a very exciting
yarn discovery. (Thanks to Brooklyn of The Mosh Knit podcast, for sharing
the love with me and all the rest of her punk knitting listeners. You can
subscribe to her podcast at the website and listen to the most recent episode
to hear her worshipping testimonial.)

The yarn in question made by Deb from Portland Oregon. She quit a job she wasn’t happy with after fifteen years to become a one-woman yarn operation called Fearless Fibers. It is handpainted, it is stunningly gorgeous, and it is a BARGAIN. You can go see it at her Ebay store, Etsy shop, and even read about it at her blog. (Go to both stores, they each have different stuff.) It’s so beautiful. It is taking all of my willpower to keep myself from buying sock yarn with the money for this month’s car payment. I mean, do I really need to drive that bad?

She sells 410 yards of handpainted 100% Superwash Merino sock yarn for… I hope you’re sitting down for this…. $14.50!!!!!! That is two pairs of socks folks! And from what I hear, the yarn is nothing short of a joy to knit with. You can’t even get it that cheap at Knit Picks. Another highlight is 400 yards of lace weight handpainted cashmere for $29.99. Can you see why I am flipping out?

I am planning on ordering something as soon as I can decide what colorway I love the most. (This could take all night.) I will let you know if it lives up to the hype the second it hits the door. All other knitting will stop immediately! Socks will be cast on! I can’t wait!

Now don’t go buying it all up before I figure it out….


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  1. Jessie said

    Thank you, Holly, for all of your knitting wisdom. Seriously? CASHMERE?

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