M-m-m-My Kimono!

Okay, so I’ve had My Sharona stuck in my head pretty much ever since I cast on for the stupid baby kimono. So I’m trying to finish extra fast, in the hopes that it will make the pain stop. If finishing the kimono fails, I’ll be left with no choice but to ram my size 4 aluminum Susan Bates into my brain for relief.

So…. is it a baby kimono being blocked here? Or two pink variegated coyotes howling at the moon? Awoooooooooo!

You be the judge.

While I’m waiting for the kimono to block, I cast on for some matching baby booties. It’s a very basic two-needle bootie pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. Someday, when this kid is a whiny teenager and tells me that "nobody loves her", I will have to inform her about the hoops I had to jump through to get this pattern. There is no greater love than spending at least an hour googling, fighting with your browser, and then fighting with Lion Brand’s evil whore of a website all for the sake of bootying a babies feet. (I bet you didn’t know that "bootying" was a verb, huh?)Booties1

I expect to have the kimono and the booties all seamed up and ready to go tomorrow afternoon, and then it’s back to the Ribby Cardi! That is cause for some celebration!!! Wooohooo!!!


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