If you’ve ever had a burning desire to know what I am like when I’m ridiculously drunk, here’s your chance! My boyfriend, Bob, recently started a podcast called CinemaSlosh, where the basic premise is he gets drunk and talks about movies. I think it’s pretty funny, but of course I am biased since I live with the guy. Your mileage may vary.

At any rate, I helped co-host last night and against my better judgement, I’m giving y’all the chance to listen to it. I’m not exactly recommending that you listen to it, just throwing it out there. You can click the link I gave above, or if you have I-Tunes I think you can do a search for it on there. Just for the record, I was making fun of Mel Gibson saying that he hates Jews, not saying that I hate Jews. I listened to it again today and I’m not sure that came across quite right, what with all the vodka. And I’ll warn you in advance, we cuss like pirates. It’s definitely not for everyone, especially if you offend easily.


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