Holy Crap! I might finish something!

In unprecedented news, I have been working on two project consistently for the last couple weeks, I am not bored with either of them, and I actually think I will manage to finish them.

I know, I know. It’s a good thing you’re sitting down or you’d have to run for the smelling salts.

Exhibit A: the world famous Ribby Cardi from ChicKnits.

I’m using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and I can hardly bear to put the sweater down. It is a blast to knit and it’s going much faster than I anticipated. As you can see, I’m completely done with the back and I’m also working on the sleeve and one of the fronts.

I love the colors (which are a light pink and a chocolate brown, if you can’t tell from the picture) and apparently, so does everyone else! A couple people in the knitting group have asked me if I would be mad if they "copied" my color choices. Actually, I would be flattered! But I have to give Bob some credit- he actually came to the yarn store with me and helped me pick out the colors. Who would have thought the man could display such great taste?

I think he is secretly gunning for me to make him his own sweater, but he’s crazy if he thinks I’m going to lay out this kind of cash on something for him. I have to buy 18 balls of yarn, at 8 dollars each, which makes this sweater painfully expensive. Fortunately, Sophie’s is letting me buy it in installments. This tickles me to death, because certain other yarn shop owners who shall not be named would definitely not let me store 18 balls of yarn under their counter.

You know, you can get yarn from a lot of places these days, and I am not totally in the dark about the fat discounts you can get from various online retailers. I’m sure I could have got my yarn a lot cheaper online, but you know, if you want there to be local yarn stores, you have to support your local yarn stores! And it’s little stuff they do for you, like hosting knitting groups and letting you put yarn you really can’t even afford on layaway that makes the extra cash worth it.

I do have to confess one small gripe about the Ribby Cardi, and unfortunately is has nothing to do with the pattern or the yarn. This is purely operator error. You might have to click on the picture to look at the full sized one to see it, but check out the ugly spots on the back of my cardigan where I wove in the ends. I don’t know what to do about it, but it’s driving me crazy. I might try to take the ends back out and split the plies before i weave them in again. If anybody has a better solution, please let me know. (I know, I know, nobody is ever going to notice it but me…)


I guess now we have to talk about that other knitting project now: the Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting.


Okay, I know I sound unenthusiastic, but it’s really not the kimono’s fault. It’s a combination of things that are making the project less enjoyable than it probably would be under normal circumstances. Mainly, I’m on a very serious deadline- this baby is coming into the world no later than August 16th. The C-section is scheduled to start at 7 in the morning and baby should be here by 8. And obviously, I have to get the sweater to the mama before then, so I really don’t even have that long. I’d like to make some coordinating items to go with the kimono, as the mama is someone I’ve known since elementary school so I feel like she should get more handknit swag than normal.

Adding insult to injury, I accidentally missed the baby shower (oops!) so I feel extra guilty, and every time I pick up the kimono I think about how big of an asshole you have to be to miss your best friend’s little sister’s baby shower. I am such a bad person! Why do y’all hang out with me!?! (See what I mean? The kimono inspires angst.) I’m almost done with the damned thing now. Hopefully I’ll finish today.

Anyhow, the kimono is a pretty fun and interesting little knit, if you don’t mind garter stitch (and as y’all know, I don’t mind at all- wavy and mysterious). If you do mind garter stitch, you can do it in stockinette and follow the same instructions, which I think is a nice bonus. I’m using Bernat Cotton Tots, which is one of my favorite cotton yarns. All I have left to do is the left side of the kimono, which is the sleeve and the other side of the front, and I think I’m just barely going to have to dip into a second ball. So it is almost a one skein project!

The pattern is a little confusing in parts, but nothing you shouldn’t be able to overcome by using your common sense. For example, there’s one part in the pattern where you have to cast on extra stitches at the end of every right side row, and it says to use backward loop method, but I think it looks really sloppy that way. I changed to using the cable cast on and that’s much neater. Trust me on this one- you’ll be a lot happier with the cabled cast on.

See what happens when I don’t get to blog for two weeks? You get two posts where I go on and on forever. But I’ll try to start posting more frequently again. I think I’m not going to be working as much overtime now, so I should actually have time to do it!



  1. Mery said

    it’s not you Holly it’s the stupid yarn…I know is beautiful and so soft but it’s a beast to get nicely finished garments! I’ll bring Tino’s sweater next wend. so you can see for yourself!

  2. Elizabeth said

    Your sweaters look awesome! I’m so proud of you, dear. And some nice long posts, too. Things are back to normal.

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