Blast from the Past

Yesterday I googled "peace sign intarsia", hoping to find a suitable graph for a top secret gift project. (She doesn’t read the blog, so if you’re reading this, odds are it isn’t for you- sorry!) I didn’t really find a graph that I liked, but I think what I did find was much, much better.

Handknit Vanilla Ice and New Kids on the Block sweaters. You’ll have to scroll down the page some to get to the pictures, but they are nothing short of amazing. Just imagine all the time and skill that had to go into the design and knitting of these sweaters! I think this might top the soccer scarf from the last post.

Loved your comment, Stephanie. No, you’re definitely not the only one who remembers the "Math is hard" Barbie. I did a little research, and now I blame that damn doll for all my problems. We are so oppressed. Totally. Just remember her the next time you can’t get a sleeve cap to work out right.Mathishard


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  1. Allison said

    I use “math is hard” all the time and you two are the only ones who have ever gotten it (or gotten it and thought it was funny).

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