Baby Hat Bonanza

PinkhatNo, I didn’t knit all these hats since last night. The yellow one is newly completed (being modelled by Albatross), the blue and pink (respectively modelled by American Girl Nelly and a Bunny) are from the baby hat cache.

So, the yellow hat looks great now, but only moments before that picture was taken, my hat was what could only be described as an eclectic um… mess composition of assorted needles. If you look carefully, you can probably see 4 different size five needles- double points in Britney, Clover and Susan Bates aluminum, and one Denise circular needle pretending to be a double pointed needle.

At one point, I had 4 different sets of size five double pointed needles. But can I find them when I need to finish the top of a hat. Noooooo. Of course not. I have to scavenge be resourceful.

Also, I’m having a huge problem finding stitch markers lately I probably have hundreds of the little bastards… somewhere.

If you’ve knit the Umbilical Cord Hat before, you know that the markers are part of what makes the hat fun and easy. If you haven’t knit the Umbilical Cord Hat before, the basic idea is that you put a marker in every eight stitches (a total of 64 stitches, so 8 markers), and when you get to the shaping at the top of the hat, you just knit two together before each marker until the end! Easy! No counting! It’s great. You certainly can do the top decreases without the markers, but it’s not much fun and involves counting and concentration. And I totally can’t shape the top of the hat with no markers and watch Firefly at the same time. So that’s a no go.

I’ll leave you with me wearing my self-designed pumpkin hat. Just what you’ve always wanted to see! Pumpkinhat



  1. Steph said

    Super cute hat!!!

  2. Colleen said

    Lovvve it!!!!!! Colleen

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