No Fun

Today has not been much fun for three reasons:

  1. I had to talk to some kind of lawyer’s assistant, and as if that weren’t bad enough (no offense to any lawyer-type knitters out there), he treated me like a third grader. I don’t really want to get into it too deeply, but he really sucked. And he’s not even a real lawyer, so fuck him and his condescending attitude.
  2. I worked from 7 AM to 7 PM. 12 hours at work is never a basket of posies, but for some reason today just seemed particurally bad. Nothing I touched wanted to work.
  3. I haven’t gotten to knit a single stitch, which is just so depressing.

Okay, I’m really sorry for being whiny. I promise I’ve gotten it out of my system and we can at least try to move onto something better.

So, something better: I mailed off all of my Dulaan stuff, excepting of course the failed cardigan. It was both sad and exciting to see it go, but mostly it was just plain old fulfilling. I will consider my first Charity Knitting Project a success (even though since all of the stuff I donated was previously knit stuff that just needed a little polishing up, it was more like a Charity Finishing Project.)

The rest of my knitting life is extremely, painfully boring. For the last week or so, all I’ve really worked on is my afghan. I’m not taking a picture because it looks exactly the same as it did before, only a couple inches bigger. Garter stitch strips just don’t make compelling subjects for photography.

Even though I’m still enjoying the afghan knitting and have yet to be bored with it, I feel like I should start a new project so I have something to blog about. I am totally burned out on socks right now.

You know what I haven’t knit in a long time? A hat! I think I’ll make one of those cute little Umbilical Cord baby hats for the first Stitch ‘N Bitch. I’ve made several and I personally think they are super fun and super adorable. And the great thing is that somebody is always fixin’ to pop one out! (A kid I mean… not a hat. I sooooo sound like a hick.) I try to keep a stock of them so that I’m always prepared for baby shower emergencies. Anyway, I’m getting out of here so I can put on a movie, start a hat and hopefully get over my stupid day.



  1. Allison said

    but… the I want to see it, all that garter stich is so wavy and myterious. πŸ˜‰

  2. Tara said

    Remember that we all love you!!! Have a groovy day!

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