Coming Up Short

CardishortSadly, my Accordion cardigan isn’t going to be making the trip to Mongolia with the rest of my Dulaan project stuff, due to an unfortunate yarn shortage. I haven’t decided exactly what to do with the unfinished pieces yet. I’m thinking about ripping it out and trying again in a smaller size. The funny thing is, once I got about halfway through the back of the cardigan, I think I knew deep down that there was no way I was going to be able to finish up with the yarn I had. Why did I keep knitting? I have no idea. I think 4×4 ribbing puts me into some kind of trance.

So since the cardi is on hold for the moment, I decided to start on my afghan. (Thanks to Tara for her generous loan of Mason-Dixon Knitting and the inspiration for the log cabin blanket!) I’m working on the "Moderne" log cabin afghan. One thing that’s great about this method is that I’ll be able to buy a few skeins at a time and just add on as I go, since dye lot isn’t really critical except in the largest blocks. Meaning I don’t have to shell out for what I think is going to end up being about 16 balls of yarn at the same time. Sure, I’ll end up spending just as much, but I’ll feel better about it in small bursts.
Orangepanda I wasn’t sure how I would deal with knitting miles and miles of plain old garter stitch, but so far, so good. (Yeah, I know, I’m only like 3 inches into it. Let me maintain my ignorant bliss at least for another inch or two.) The yarn is Blue Sky Cotton in Pumpkin. I thought I got it from my friend Mylea (sadly blogless, but we’re working on her!) but according to her, there is no way she ever would have parted with this luscious deep orange (can’t blame her!). So I’m trying to think back to the night of our yarn swap. I think it might have come out of Liz’s unwanted bag, but I’m not entirely sure. So, thank you to whoever gave me this awesome yarnOrangegarter!! It’s been very vocal since it arrived in my stash, so I’m glad its finally getting to shine. I think the garter stitch really shows it off beautifully, even if some people don’t like it. Ahem.

The exciting thing is I have a lot of great color options for this. The Moderne blanket in MDK only has four colors in it, but I don’t see any great reason why I couldn’t go with more if I wanted too. Right now, I’m thinking autumnal, harvesty colors. Check these out and see what you think:
The pictures of the yarn are from Kpixie… so go buy something from them. Nice store, reasonable shipping. Gorgeous cotton. You know you want some…


Don’t know what they look like on your screen, but they look like a beautiful future afghan from here! In my dreams, Sophie’s will start carrying this stuff.

That pretty much wraps up my knitting today, but before I go, last night’s vegan chocolate chip cookies in our knitting group spawned a conversation about my vegetarianism. As most of you know by now, I don’t eat any animal products, and it’s not uncommon for my diet to inspire curiosity. Since a couple of my lovely fellow knitters asked questions that I couldn’t get into very deeply last night, I thought I’d post a couple of links to sites that answered all my burning questions about veganism back in my omnivorous days.


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  1. Steph said

    BTW, the leftover cookies were a big hit with my little one!My tastebuds say thank you for letting me take the leftovers home, but my hips are saying “Damn you luscious choclate chip cookies!” Steph

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