Knitting Ambitions

As I’ve mentioned before, for the month of June I’ve committed to buying no new yarn. I’m doing this mainly for the health and well-being of my pocketbook, but also because everytime I buy new yarn, I feel like I need to cast on for something with it right away… which means that the exciting projects I may have only started the previous week get cast aside, and I never really finish anything. In knitting as well as in life, I’m a great starter but not a great finisher. I’m hoping that maybe if I can work through some of my backlog of knitting "to-do’s", the aura of accomplishment will seep through to other aspects of my life. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

In the spirit of prioritizing (and to prevent myself from going completely yarn crazy in July after my period of "celibacy" is up), I wanted to list some of the projects that I’d really like to get a start on, after I get done with some of the projects that are lingering around here.

  • An smallish afghan, not big enough for the whole bed, but large and cozy enough for cuddling on the couch this winter. I’d like it to be machine-washable, but still warm and soft, so I’m thinking Plymouth Encore Chunky. I haven’t decided on a color scheme or a stitch pattern, so it’s a good thing I don’t plan on starting this baby until fall.
  • That Accordion cardigan, adult sized, in the Peace Fleece yarn. I’m not sure I’ll actually end up making this, but right now I still really like the idea.
  • A Harry Potter scarf. Yes, I know, I am way behind the trend for this one, even though I’ve been reading and loving the books almost since they first came out. It would be nice to have this in time for winter, but I’m not giving myself a real deadline until I find out what the release date of the seventh book will be. (BTW, I’m sure some of my knitting buddies are Harry Potter fans also. If you enjoy the books, and you like listening to podcasts, go check out MuggleCast. It’s fun to listen to, even if you do feel really dorky about it.) Also under consideration are a pair of genuine Dobby socks. Liz was the inspiration when she was complaining about the crazy Salem lady who wanted her to make socks with bobbles. I thought, "Dobby would love socks with bobbles!" And an idea was born. ETA: At knitting today, Mery said something about knee socks and it reminded me that in addition to a Harry Potter scarf, I want matching Harry Potter knee socks. I really am a glutton for punishment in red and gold.
  • Wyvern Socks. These are really, really pretty, and they’re knit from the toe up, something I haven’t tried before. Bonus, I have the yarn I want to use for them already, so I’ll be able to start these whenever I feel like it.
  • Some soft and fuzzy housesocks for my Mom. I’m thinking Berroco plush in either a light blue or pink. I’m sure they won’t hold up to heavy usage, but she’ll probably mostly just sleep in them and maybe schlepp around the house a bit, so I think it will be ok. That I am willing to consider knitting with finicky yarn like this is a true testament to how much I love my Mommy.

I’ll probably add to this list later, but I just looked at the clock and it is time for Sunday knitting at Highland Coffee!! Woohoo!!

By the way, I weighed in on Friday and I am at 321 pounds, a full 29 pounds lost from when I started Weight Watchers a little over two months ago!



  1. Tara said

    Have you considered the log cabin faux quilt idea from Mason-Dixon knitting for your afghan?

  2. jessie said

    you should try that! i love the log cabin blankies.
    and congratulations on your weight loss!

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