Dulaan Means Warm

For a long time now, I have had a small, reasonable embarassingly large portion of my stash space dedicated to my "problem knitting". Tangled yarn, projects that never really got off the ground, projects that are "almost finished" except for critical seams, and even the occasional project that was knit with no particular recipient in mind that hasn’t found a recipient yet. I’m happy to report today that no less than five of these languishing pieces of knitwear are soon going to be on their way to productive lives warming up some people in Mongolia via the Dulaan Project.

I was feeling a little bummed about the Dulaan Project because, while I think charity knitting is a wonderful thing in theory, I have a big problem with procrastinating when it comes to knitting for a deadline (in this case, July 1st). I was looking at my yarn shelf, wondering what stuff I could crank out of my stash in a couple of weeks when that little lightbulb thingy came on over my head and I remembered that I had plenty of suitably warm children’s items that were already most of the way done! It’s very exciting!

Believe it or not, those hats are some of the first things I ever made. They were actually made with the intention of giving them to a different charitable organization, but I overcommitted myself (25 hats!! What was I thinking!?!?) and ended up very burned out. They’ve been laying around in varying states of completion ever since. They were based on the flame hat in the Stitch n’ Bitch. I knit it so many times that I memorized it. I think that even now, if you hand me a pair of size 11 straight needles and a skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, I could knit you the exact same freakin’ hat. As you can see, some of these still need a touch up, but nothing is scheduled for major surgery.

In particular, I’m proud of the green one with the stars. It was my first project ever in the round. I "borrowed" the intarsia stars from a completely different hat in Weekend Knitting and even altered the numbers to make it all work myself. Not bad for only having knit maybe a month or two!

The cardigan was actually my first sweater, albeit a small one, that I whipped up on a whim because I saw a cute pattern and happened to have the perfect yarn laying around. I figure you can always knit stuff for babies and little kids, because there’s always someone around who can use it eventually. I’m glad that I redisovered these projects in time to donate them to a very worthy cause. It makes me feel all dulaan and fuzzy.


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  1. jessie said

    double points for you: completing projects AND charity knitting! rock and roll.

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