Ginger-Raisin Muffins!

A big thank you to my knitting group for eating and enjoying (or at least politely pretending to enjoy) my muffins. For the interested, I got the recipe from my all time favorite cookbook, Vegan with a Vengeance- Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock. I highly recommend it if you are vegan or vegetarian (it could definitely turn you over to the vegan side!), or even if you’re not, because the muffin chapter alone is worth every penny spent on the book. Mocha Chip Muffins are the Official Muffin of Goddesses everywhere, and this should be the Offical Cookbook of Goddeses too.

Anyway, I got distracted. Some of the lovely ladies in my knitting group are also Weight Watchers and wanted to know the points value. I am happy to report that these came in at a mere 2 points per muffin. Enjoy!!



  1. Mery said

    Holly the muffins were delicious!!!! Alex ate 2 for breakfast and somehow reasoned that one muffin would be enough for Tino and me to share…mmmhh… when I was half asleep somehow it made sense to me… after I tried them accompanied with a strong cup of coffee I saw him for the muffin hog he really is.

  2. jessie said

    they were scrumptious. i liked the unexpected kick of ginger. (i mean, you told me about it beforehand, but you get what i’m saying.)

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