Army of Knitters

In case your not the kind of person who goes through the comments left on blogs, here’s the great comment that Jessie left regarding my previous post of my future MIL in her hat/purse:

If knitters were to form an army, you know what our helmets would be?  Felted Marsupial Totes.

Thank you Jessie for making both Bob and I laugh very, very hard.

Other than that, I haven’t got to knit a stitch all day. Working 12 hours really sucks. But here I am, following up on my resolution to post daily. *contented sigh* It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I know a lot of you read the Knit and Tonic blog, but if you didn’t see this and you feel like being pissed off, this just might do it for you! Fraud!! I am totally down for leaving a ton of negative feedback on this asshole and I doubt that I’m alone. Grrrrrrrr! Let’s send the wrath of our well outfitted army of knitters down upon him!!


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