Post Vaction Confessional

Forgive me fellow knit bloggers, for I have sinned. I have not posted for over a week since returning from my vacation, in spite of resolutions to the contrary. I don’t really even have a good excuse. I was just feeling too lazy to deal with the "technical difficulties" I experienced when trying to upload my vacation pictures, and overall not feeling very interesting. In spite of doing a lot of knitting on my trip, I didn’t actually finish anything. I have been feeling sick pretty much since I got home, so I guess that’s kind of an excuse. I swear, I am allergic to the entire Ohio River Valley. One of the bad things about the whole blogging process is that after you haven’t done it for a while, it’s hard to get back into the groove. Well, it’s hard for me anyway! Nevertheless, I think after we get through the initial difficulties of this "return" post, all will be back to normal. (Well, as normal as it gets.)

My vacation was a lot of fun, even though we ran into financial issues about halfway through our trip and therefore I didn’t get to do nearly as much yarn shopping as I would have liked. Highlights of our 2006 visit to Washington state are as follows (in no particular order)

  • CANVAS WORKS   Their selection of sock yarn was spectacular, and they weren’t doing shoddy on any other kind of yarn you might take a fancy to either. We were lucky enough to only be a/  fifteen minute drive away so I got to visit three times. The employees were friendly and I had a really good experience. Downsides- no parking and no public bathroom. But the more I look at these pictures, the more I wonder how I ever made myself leave.
  • Visiting with my very high colorful future in-laws. Pineapple
                                                                                                                                         This is Bob’s father, known to all as Buzz. Since the neither Bob nor his brothers has produced any children, someone handed Buzz the pineapple and said that it was quite possibly the only grandchild he would ever have. A very touching moment ensued. Can you guess why we call him Buzz?


Here is Linda modeling the Felted Marsupial Tote I made for her. I’m not sure she will ever actually use it for its intended purpose, but I have to admit that it makes a very fetching hat. Some of you have probably made the same bag and might remember the matching coinpurse with i-cord. When Linda saw it, she said it was like "a little umbilical cord going from me to you." Ummmmm…. how do you respond to that? I think I said, "Not really, it’s just a coinpurse." Am I lame or what?


This is Bob with his brothers Chad and Jeremy. (Bob is in the middle, Chade is the darker haired one and Jeremy is the blonde.) I told them to act brotherly. Men sure do have a weird idea of showing affection. Oh well.

  • Lamb’s Ear Yarns in Tacoma.
    I got to stop there on the way back from Seattle, even though Bob was
    practically throwing a fit because it is in Tacoma and Tacoma is
    apparently a good place to get your car stolen. I think it was worth
    the risk. The store was small but *packed* with yarn in every nook and
    cranny. I can’t verify this for sure, but it looked like a room was
    being added on, so hopefully this store has a bright future. The owner
    was friendly and she gets bonus points from me for letting me take her
    picture. (She claims that she’s not very photogenic but you’ll have to
    be the judge of that when you check out the pictures. [Pictures coming soon!]) And our car
    didn’t get stolen. So suck it up, Bob!
  • Seattle!!! Me and Bob were there for two days and just hung out and did
    the tourist thing. We got to walk through Pike Place Market, the
    Seattle Aquarium, and the Science Fiction Museum. I took a lot of
    pictures [pictures coming soon!], but in case you don’t want to go through all of them (I know
    vacation pics aren’t always that entertaining unless you were the one
    on the vacation) here is my personal favorite: the Alien Queen from the
    Sci-Fi museum. Yes, this is the real one that was used in the Aliens
    movies. Yes, it was totally scary in person. (Taller than me! Eeek!)Alienqueen_1

The worst part about vacation was that I was bored a LOT. I missed two whole weeks of knitting group that I can never get back, which is said. I definitely missed everybody, and next time I’m planning a shorter trip!

As for current projects, I’ve given up on the Fortissima Disko socks for now. Those of you who were at knitting group on Wednesday probably remeber me pulling the socks off my needles after a long and frustrating night of trying to turn a heel that didn’t seem to want to turn. I haven’t ripped them out, but I’m just sick of them, plain and simple. They were supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift, but after all this time, I’ve just decided that they’re not really that great of a gift. I know the yarn has some fans out there, but I just don’t care for the Fortissima sock yarn very much. It’s much rougher than say, Opal, and the colors it comes in aren’t nearly as compelling. I think my mom will be happier with something softer and more luxuriant. She’s not really the kind of person who needs a hard wearing, flashy sock. I’m thinking Berroco Plush in a light blue or pink will make a perfect pair of house socks for her.

On Wednesday night, I cast on with the Opal yarn I bought in Washington, and after successfully turning the heel, my faith in the sock knitting process has been restored. I’m zipping down the foot! With luck I’ll be finishing them up within the next day or two, and with even more luck I’ll follow through with my commitment and cast on for the second sock. It would be really, really nice to have a pair for once!
Byopalsock Thanks for reading through my unbelievably long post. Hopefully now that I’ve gotten over this hump, I can get back regulary scheduled knitting! It’s great to be home!



  1. Tara said

    Welcome home! I am so jealous about the Opal!

  2. jessie said

    It’s good to have you back and posting again!
    If knitters were to form an army, you know what our helmets would be? Felted Marsupial Totes.

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