On Location…

I wasn’t expecting to get to post during vacation, but we’re visiting with Bob’s Nana in Kennewick WA for the weekend, and good old Nana has come through with a functional, internet accessing computer. I don’t know why she has a computer, since she admits that she’s only turned it on once in the last three years, but why ask questions! God bless her senile little heart!

So far, our trip has been pretty good (until yesterday, but I’ll explain in a minute). I love Sophie’s and all, but if I ever need an excuse to relocate to Olympia, Canvas Works would be a perfectly viable reason. I can barely describe it. (Fortunately, I took a lot of pictures.) I have never seen so much sock yarn in one room in my life. (Tons of Opal. Not just Opal, Opal Handpaints.) I only bought a couple things because I’m saving up for the Seattle yarn stores, but I hope to go back and spend a lot, lot more.

My tragic tale is this: on Friday night, I felt a little bit yucky, so I skipped dinner and went to bed early. I chalked it up to the stupid birth control pills I take. When I go from taking the placebo ones back to the real ones, I feel a little nauseous for a day or two and then it (usually) goes away, so it’s not such a big deal. I woke up on Saturday morning and felt better, so I took my pills and got ready for the five hour drive to Kennewick. I decided that I really should only take my latest sock so maybe I could concentrate and get it finished over the weekend. As an afterthought, I threw in a random skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky and some size 10 needles, just in case any Kennewick relatives showed an interest in learning. I think that’s called foreshadowing.

I ate a bagel with some soymilk and off we went in our gigantic rental truck. Which sways a lot, especially on the curvy road through White Pass. But I still was feeling pretty good. I put away my Game Boy (Harvest Moons rocks!!) and pulled out my purse, so I could plug into my ipod and listen to one of the many knitting podcasts I downloaded before we left home, and work on my beautiful sock. I had just finished the ribbing. It was the totally unfamiliar, beautiful self-striping Online sock yarn that I had just bought the day before. I was so excited! I picked up the needles… I started to knit…

And that’s about when I projectile vomitted into my purse, all over my knitting, my clothes, and the backseat of the truck.

We pulled over, I changed clothes, I cried a little cry over my totally ruined sock yarn. Bob said, "Well, maybe we can wash it when we get to Kennewick." I let loose with a long string of expletives about birth control and sock yarn and why couldn’t I have been working on something totally ugly? Why? After that, I calmed down and concentrated on not throwing up again for the remaining 4 hours of the drive.

When we arrived in Kennewick, I dumped my whole bag of vomitted on stuff into the washing machine and said to hell with it. Maybe the skein would stay basically in tact. Maybe my sock wouldn’t be a total bust after all. Maybe….

Definitely not. By the time the wash was over, the sock yarn had basically unraveled and wrapped itself around everything else in there. We had to cut it off the rest of my clothes. I kind of wish I would have taken a pictures, just in case you ever wonder what happens when you throw a skein of yarn into the washer, but I was too depressed about the whole thing. Just trust me, it’s not a good idea. I suppose I could have handwashed it but… handwashing a ball of vomit covered sock yarn just didn’t sound appealing.

The worst thing is, all I have is this dumb skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky now. I can’t believe I packed an entire suitcase of yarn for this trip and somehow, this is what I’ve been reduced to. So I cast on for a scarf and am trying to make it last as long as possible. I decided to try some basic lace so every other row I’m doing K1, YO, K2TOG, and purling on the other. It actually looks good for something I totally pulled out of my behind, but it is kind of diagonal and wonky looking. I hope I can block it into something resembling a straight line in the end.

So I still have a few hours here, and then another five hours back to Bob’s house before I have my TVS back. I hope I survive. I may have to rip this stupid scarf out and start another one on account of not having anything else to work on.

On the bright side, Monday and Tuesday we’ll be in Seattle, and there are two or three yarn shops within walking distance of our hotel so it should be a good time for all. Well, for me anyway. 



  1. Tara said

    My God! That sucks! (but at least now I know not to throw entire skeins into the washer – at least not w/o a garment bag!).
    I hope your feeling better!

  2. jessie said

    I would like to compliment you on your ingenuity in this case. I would have pouted, but you? YOU make a bulky lacy scarf. Hats off to you, my dear.

  3. Mery said

    Oh Holly, I hope you’re feeling much better!!!

  4. Liz said

    I miss you Holly!!!

  5. Colleen said

    Poor Holly. I hope the rest of the trip was good. Colleen

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