See y’all in about two weeks!

Tomorrow is the big day! We’ll be flying out tomorrow a couple hours after Bob and I get off work. We’re all packed (I hope) and ready to go. I prepped my knitting bag by removing all shiny objects and replacing them with air-friendly plastic. I should have enough knitting to keep myself occupied through… about the next year. And that’s not counting ripping things out and reknitting them!

I probably won’t be posting until I get back. As I’ve mentioned before, no computer avaliable at Casa de Murphy. But that’s ok because guess what?


Finally, I can quit complaining about my sad, nearly pictureless blog. Instead of hunting down links to pictures of yarn I’m buying, I can just… take a picture of it! I’m so excited. We got a great deal on it, and just in time to go on vacation. So when I come back, expect loads of pictures of me fondling admiring yarn all over the great state of Washington. And after that, I get to take pictures of all the stuff I’ve been blogging about and couldn’t show off! Thrilling, isn’t it?

I printed out maps to all of the yarn stores I linked last night, and I’m going to try to squeeze them all in somewhere. I hope they are as big in real life as they are in the websites. On the other hand, if they are, I might have to become an indentured servant at one of them to pay off my debt.

I hope my Wednesday night group has fun without me (but not too much fun.) *sniffle* I’ll miss you!!



  1. Tara said

    Well, if you’re going to sell yourself into slavery – could there possibly be a better place than at a yarn store?!?
    Have fun on your trip – see you in a couple of weeks. You are an inspiration, girl! Unfortunately, only 2 yarn stores near Auburn!

  2. jessie said

    we’ll miss you! be sure to show us all the lovely washington wool that you find…

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