T.V.S. (Temporary Vacation Stash)

In preparation for my impending vacation, I decided that it would be a good idea to start packing the most important stuff I’ll need for my 11 days in Washington state. So of course, I started with yarn! Bob caught me noticed me standing in front of my stash with my empty suitcase open in front of it. He said,

"Do you really think you need a whole suitcase for that?"

To which I replied,

"This isn’t even the biggest suitcase!"

At which point he backed away slowly, which was probably the safest course of action.

I really love the fact that after being with me for over six years, he doesn’t even bother to put up a fight when he finds me stuffing a suitcase full of every ball of sock yarn in the house!

Of course, I did pack more yarn than I could reasonably expect to knit through in the next six months. But like a boy scout, my knitting motto is "Be prepared." I mean, you never know. We could crash and end up stranded on a semi-deserted island ala Lost . And I would be one unhappy castaway with no LYS within driving distance. (Odds of plane crash= pretty low. Odds of plane crash/survival of plane crash/ending up on deserted island while flying over the continental U.S.= much lower. But remember, be prepared.)

Here is a list of the things I decided were absolutely neccesary, so that somebody can alert me if I’ve left out something important.

  • every ball of sock yarn in the house
  • the half-finished Purple Cardigan of Doom
  • several assorted skeins and weights of Lamb’s Pride (probably won’t use them, but somebody might want to learn and I can’t waste my really good stuff on noobs.)
  • the rest of the yarn for the Madge  hat
  • a bunch of assorted cotton and cotton blends, in case it is too hot for wool
  • a bunch of assorted wool, in case it is too cold for cotton
  • Stitch and Bitch, for noob assistance, although I really wish I had one of those compact little resource type books. It would be a lot lighter.
  • all the needles, straight, circular, double pointed and darning that I could find.
  • stitch markers, etc.
  • enough room in the suitcase so that I can cram all the new yarn I’m planning on buying in.

I think I’ve probably got it covered, but it never hurts to check! Tomorrow, I will post a list of all the knitting stores in the general area of where I will be staying (there are way more than even I can attempt to visit in 11 days), and then y’all can help me decide which ones are absolutely essential and which ones I can skip this time around. You can also leave bitchy comments, because I know you will be jealous when you see the pure array of yarn stores Washington has to offer. I guess hippies and knitting kind of go together, and I am soooooo not complaining!



  1. Tara said

    You forgot your hand spindle for all of the natural fleece you will find (just in case you want to practice spinning; also doubles as a top to amuse small whiny people at airport in case delay!).

  2. Marcia said

    It looks to me like you have it all covered! Please include a post-trip wrap up of all youf favorite stores. I may find myself in Washington in the not-too-distant future. 🙂

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