Mad Hatting

Well, I didn’t win, but my hat tied for third place in my first Humana Derby Hat contest, scoring me three dollars in break bucks, which are little gift certificate things that we can use in our vending machines. The yarn was 2.50, so I technically did turn a profit on my knitting, which was actually better than I expected after I saw my competion. I still think my hat probably took more time/effort than the other ones, but they were pretty much all quirky and attractive. I originally felt bad because the girl I tied with had a really, really beautiful hat, but all of my "fans" think she bought it. If she didn’t buy it, I don’t know why she is working at Humana, because she obviously has a lot of unused talent in millenery!

Jessie, I think it’s very sweet that your Mom wants to vote for my hat, but our contest was appparently separate from the ones downstairs in the main lobby. I kind of thought that after the contest we would be asked to put them down there with the others, but no one said anything about it so I just took mine home.

I knit several inches on the new hat I was talking about making last night, but I ended up ripping it all out so I could make this Knitty hat instead. Of course, my pretty variegated wool is not homespun, but it really looks the same as the yarn in that pattern. I’m a little worried that all the fancy YOs and SSKs and whatnot aren’t going to show up in the yarn, but apparently I’m not worried enough to abandon the whole idea, so we’ll just see what happens!


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