Since I seem to have very little in the resolve department, I usually don’t make resolutions because I usually don’t keep them. But today I am making three resolutions that I am at least going to try really hard to keep.

1. I will post something in my blog everyday. (I am excused from this resolution when I’m on vacation next week, because I will be out in the boonies living with hippies who once called Bob to ask him how to turn on the keyboard.)

2. I am going to overcome the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome by casting on for the next sock as soon as I complete the first one. Will this involve buying two or three more sets of Addi circulars. Yes, yes it will. But I shall prevail! Or, I shall make friends with the one-legged guy down the hall.

3. I will never start a sweater that I have hopes of finishing within a certain amount of time. I will still start sweaters. Eventually, I might complete them. But I will not look at the pattern, cast on, and say, "Gee, I think I can get this done before it gets warm out," or, "I can finish this in time for such-and-such’s birthday, no trouble!" These words are always followed by the sound of me falling into the Pit of Despair and UFOs. (Sometimes I don’t know I’ve fallen in for a while, so you might not hear my cry of surprise and anguish for awhile, but trust me, I am beyond hope.)



  1. Tara said

    Good luck on the second one… The first you have a prayer of (airports are excellent places to conquer 2nd sock syndrome)!

  2. Elise said

    Lovely to finally meet you tonight Holly! Good luck with the airport knitting. I avoid the dreaded SSS(second sock syndrome) by having about, oh, 8 or 9 socks going at any one time. That way I don’t get really too sick of any of them. 🙂

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