Harlot in Lexington, or The Greatest Day of My Knitting Life

Some people go on pilgramages, most famously to Mecca. A few lucky members of our knitting circle went to Lexington yesterday to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, world famous Yarn Harlot, and I’m willing to bet that our pilgramage was way more fun!

Seriously, what can I say about the Harlot that a million other knitters haven’t already said? She is just one of millions of obsessed committed knitters all over the world, and yet she manages to tie us all in together, united by our love of pointy sticks and woolly stings. We knitters are used to being misunderstood by family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, casual aqcuaintances, and total strangers. If we’re lucky, we get just a handful of people in our lives who are just as "into" our chosen craft as we are. The great thing about the Yarn Harlot is that not only does she "get it", she has this really cool way of analyzing and explaining our love for knitting in a way that is absolutely hysterical. I know she doesn’t think she’s "cool", but I have to respectfully disagree. In my book, she is the coolest.

I think I managed to get through the signing part of the day without making a total ass out of myself. I guess if I did in fact do something completely ridiculous, nobody told me about it! We set out from Sophie’s at about 11 AM yesterday morning. Of course, we arrived in Lexington way too early, but that was ok because it gave us time to find the bathroom, eat lunch, and try to draw out the other knitters we knew had to be lurking around the convention center by working on our socks in various locations. We spotted a few sock knitters around, but didn’t have much luck, until the actual book signing started. Then, they all came out of the woodwork! It was fun to see everybody out with their socks. Lots of yarn fondling was going on.

Our group was pretty close to the start of line, and I was the first one from our group. Pressure! I honestly don’t know how this happened. I kept trying to let people go in front of me, and it just wasn’t working. I guess they were afraid that if they tried to pass me I might bite them or something. I was really nervous but it was fine. I brought her a bar of Endangered Species Chocolate in the Mint flavor, which is my personal favorite. She signed my book!! (I only brought At Knit’s End because I thought bringing all three might be a little weird and stalkerly, but in retrospect almost everybody else brought all of theirs so maybe it would have been ok.)

After our group all had their books signed (and Liz had her extremely exciting moment of blog recognition… go read about it at her blog!), we mosied over to the Thoroughbred 6 room to knit and wait for the Harlot’s talk to begin. The talk was definitely the best part of the day for me. I swear, I could not wipe the goofy ass grin off my face the entire time she was talking. It was a little embarrassing because my laugh is seriously loud and obnoxious, but I couldn’t help it! I wish I had recorded it or something. After the talk, we piled back into the Offcial Yarn Harlot ’06 Tour Transport Vehicles (i.e. Jessie’s station wagon) and made our way home, one group of tired but happy knitters.

Since I am an unfortunate blogger with no digital camera, I took lots of pictures on a disposable camera and will post them after I get developed. Liz has already posted all her wonderful pictures on her blog, so I would go check the rest out there. I didn’t want to steal all of her awesome pictures, but since this one has me in it, I don’t think she’ll be too mad. This is me with the Yarn Harlot at her booth. I bet she is really tired of people taking pictures of her, but she does put on a convincing smile.



After I made it back home, I was motivated to finally finish grafting the toe for the sock some of you might remember from a previous post about knitting on it during the George Carlin show in Cincinatti. The whole sock has been done for over a month now, just patiently waiting for a grafted toe. Now that it’s finished, I am really motivated to cast on for the next on in the pair. Also, I’m almost finished with the first sock of the pair I’m making for my Mom for Mother’s Day. I worked on it all day yesterday and believe it or not, when I got home I had gotten so far down that I had to rip back a good 2 inches to start on the toe. I’m actually almost finished with that sock now, so I’ll have a pair of handknitted socks! They just don’t… match.

I know I complained on here a lot about not being able do the same sock over twice in a row, but I have to admit that grafting the toe last night and actually being able to put the sock on my foot and a whole thing was quite a rush, and really motivated me to start the second one ASAP. Maybe that is the key to this whole sock thing. Having the first half of the pair completed gives you the nessecary energy to start on the second.

At the moment, my big problem is needles. Last Wednesday night, I bought two pairs of 24" size 2 Addi Turbos, because I bought some sock yarn that seemed slightly thicker than what I would normally use. But after swatching with that yarn on the 2’s, I’ve discovered that I really don’t like the way they look. I usually knit very loosely, and I’m thinking that if anything I should have bought a pair of 0’s instead. So here’s the deal- if there’s anybody reading this who could use a pair of the needles in question (2 Addi Turbos, 24" size #2), I’d be willing to trade them for a pair of the same type of needle in 0 or 1; or I would be ok with selling them (possibly at a discount) to anyone who needs them; or maybe some other type of trade could be arranged. I am open to any offers! I’m sure if I can’t get rid of them I’ll use them for something, someday, but at the moment I really need needles I can use for projects I want to work on now!


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  1. Jessie said

    You weren’t laughing that loudly! Everybody was laughing because she is oh-my-god cool!

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