I think titles are the worst part of blogging. I love the actual journalling part, I love the community aspect, I hate coming up with catchy titles all the time. It’s a lot of pressure.

Not much to report in the wide and wonderful world of my knitting today, except that I am woefully ambivalent about knitting for the males of the Murphy family. Boys are just not as much fun to knit for. They tend to like really boring colors. David, soon-to-be husband of Liz, summed it up pretty well when he assessed the only three colors that men’s socks come in are "black, white, and gay."

Also, Sophie’s  had a very awesome "loyalty sale" that totally blew my resolution to save yarn money for our vacation. But I’m not too brokenhearted. How brokenhearted could you possibly be about a 15% discount? Especially when I got some really awesome yarn cotton/acrylic blend yarn that has a bright future as a pair of summer socks. A tentative knitalong for said cotton socks was proposed between Liz and I, which is great with me, but I think it will only be a knitalong for the 2 days it takes Liz to make a pair of socks, and I will end up slogging through the next two weeks by myself. Big feet that need hand knit socks are a pox on all knitters, but especially if the knitter herself is to be the recipient. What did I do in a past life to curse me with such big honkin’ feet?

The main thing I wanted to post was this link to a charity knitting website I stumbled across today that I thought was really touching, in light of recent events in my circle of friends. The project is called the Lucy Ladybug Knit-a-long and the purpose is to provide burial clothing for preemies and babies who have a very short time on earth. You can read all about it on the website. I know everybody already has a million projects going (who doesn’t?) and I know some of the knitters in my circle are already involved in charity knitting which is awesome, but I just wanted to bring this to the attention of anybody who might want to do this one. I have to admit that I tend to suck at charity knitting, but I’m going to do my best to turn at least something out to this, in honor of all my friends and family who have sadly lost little ones.

Ok, enough serious stuff! Check out this weird sleep position test! Mery attested to the fact that this test is eerily accurate and I can also vouch for that. It really is kind of creepy that something as unique as the way you sleep can be broken up into categories and then easily determined with a few multiple choice questions. Nothing is sacred people. Notice that in the picture, the girl is the one being held? It was even right about that! *cue Twilight Zone theme*

I am a seatbelt!

Find your own pose!


Last thing, I promise! If anybody hasn’t been checking the Team Cast Off blog because it’s been dead, I just made a post and you can listen to me whine here.


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  1. Tara said

    I totally will do the ladybug thing (did you know that ladybugs were the mascot for the sorority I was in?) in a few months – I don’t think I’m ready to do it right now. But I have LOTS of baby yarn here…

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