An (Almost) Finished Project!!! Holy Crap!!

I know it’s hard to believe, but I guess all the angst I went through during my last post motivated me to be a productive knitter, at least temporarily. On Wednesday night, I went to knit at Sophie’s (where the heck were the rest of the Cast Off knitters anyway?), bought 5 skeins of Lamb’s Pride worsted in this really pretty purple called Wild Violet (I was going to try to link a pic to the color of the yarn but oddly enough, it’s not on the Brown Sheep website), and a limey kind of green to make the Felted Marsupial Tote from SNB for Linda, the future MIL. And now, a mere two days later, I am getting ready to bind off the top of the main part of the bag and cast on for the little pouch thingy. I am really happy about this, although in reality it’s not that huge of an accomplishment. Size 13 needles and doubled worsted yarn= very fast project. I really think Linda will like the colors I picked out. Personally I love them so much I’m thinking about making an identical purse for myself later!

After my last post Mery commented that a great fast project is TOYS! And she is so onto something! I was surfing the web and I found this awesome pattern  linked on Grumperina’s blog. It is a free pattern from Xtreme Knitting.I showed it to Bob and for the first time since I started knitting, he begged me to make him one.

Bronty_1Mrstegs_3Trice_1 That’s right! Dinosaurs! Aren’t they great! Bob has assured me that this is the perfect gift for his brothers, and will be much more appreciated than anything they could wear/use.

I’m not sure if I want to make one for each brother or what though. Before I found the dinos, I was thinking that the robot from Jess Hutch’s little booklet of toys.  Yes, these are two grown men we are talking about knitting for.  Yes, they are both still obsessed with boy stuff… dinosaurs, robots, ninjas, GI joes, etc. (BTW Mery, I would LOVE to borrow the booklet, seeing as how they are kind of hard to procure at the moment. I can’t believe a "real" publisher hasn’t picked this up yet! Her toys are so adorable and apparently very popular!) Actually, Bob is most likely going to want a robot too.

You know what this is like? It’s like when me and my two younger siblings would go through the drive-thru lane at the bank with Mom, and the bank teller would give us three DumDum suckers in three different flavors and we would all fight tooth and nail for the rootbeer flavored one. What if I knit one a dino and one a robot and they both want a robot and a huge family feud ensues!?!!?! (Actually, that would be really funny…)

Besides that, Bob suggested making a really warm, insulating hat for Buzz, his Dad, since he likes to do a lot of outdoorsy kind of stuff. Even though, why he needs a warm hat, I don’t know, since in WA state, it is pretty much 55 degrees all year round. Well, that is a slight exagerration. It gets really really cold for about two weeks in the winter, and really really hot for about two weeks in the summer. But I’m taking Bob’s word for it, because it is a lot easier than trying to figure it out on my own.

You would think that since men are not usually incredibly fussy about their clothes, they would be easier to knit for. But that is soooo not true. Actually, Bob is more fussy about his clothes than I am mine. And he is so straight, he scares me a little.

Leaving only one more "problem" on my list… Chad (the differences-of-opinon brother) has a wife, Di, who I don’t know very well. I’ve only had dinner with her once, three years ago. She seemed nice then, and I don’t want to leave her out. After all, if I ever manage to procreate, she will become "Aunt Di". (Oh Lord, then Chad will be "Uncle Chad". Now there’s something that might put a person in favor of long-term birth control.) For some reason, I keep seeing her in a light blue cotton hat. Which is fortunate, because I happen to have some leftover Organic Blue Sky Cotton in light blue, just enough for a hat! I’m completely going on a hunch here, but I might as well stick with it.

I need to bind off Linda’s bag, so one last note- this was weigh in week 3 and I am down by 14.6 pounds since I started! Yay for me! (I know, everyone is probably tired of hearing about it by now, but you might as well get used to it, because I have approximately 150 more pounds to lose so I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more than you want to by the time it’s all said and done. At least I hope so. If I quit bragging about it every week, you can assume that I’ve barricaded myself inside Krispy Kreme.)



  1. Mery said

    I love to hear about your weight loss Holly! Horray for you!!!! Hey, no thoughts of succumbing to the krispy kreams, ok? Yes, of course you can borrow my book. Where are we meeting this wednesday? I’m glad then I couldn’t make it this past wednedsday because I thought we were suppose to meet at the coffee shop.

  2. Tara said

    Go, Holly!
    Krispy Kreme’s are evil! (But Girl Scout cookies are worse). I’ll be your weight loss buddy if you need one…

  3. Betsy said

    Congrats Holly! That is awesome – I remember when I lost 12 lbs and was in heaven! Pretty soon I am gonna need some wt loss support too – so I will be askin some advice for sure!

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