Yarn should have a panic button.

So I have pretty much decided that I can’t knit the same sock twice in a row. So either I am going to have to make friends with some non bipedular people (I’m pretty sure that bipedular isn’t a word, but play along), or just resign myself to never having socks that match. I guess I can learn to live with that.

Besides that, non-matching socks are really the least of my knitting problems at the moment! For example, today I checked my calendar at work and realized with a great feeling of happiness that I am just 4 weeks away from a long awaited vacation. On May 9th, the Bob and I will be flying out to Washington state to spend a week on the wonderful west coast with the Bob’s family and friends. Spending time with the Murphy’s is, no offense, like spending time living in a three ring circus, but mostly in a fun way. Seattle and Olympia both have several good lookin’ yarn stores that I can’t wait to raid. Not to mention the wide variety of… um…. errrrr…. "plant life" that is readily avaliable at Casa de Murphy. (The Bob’s parents are kind of old school hippies. His dad owns an amp cord that once belonged to Jerry Garcia, if that tells you anything.) All in all, it should be a blast. So where is the problem in all this?

The problem is, I really want to knit for these people, and I haven’t cast on a single stitch! Not only that, I can’t even decide what to cast on for!

I’ve been speculating on what to knit for the assorted members of the Murphy clan for about six months, ever since I found out we were going to be making the trip out. The original purpose of this vacation was to attend the wedding of one of Bob’s two brothers. I had planned on knitting the prospective newlyweds something kind of heirloom quality, as a wedding gift. Well, thank god I didn’t actually work up the initiative to spend a bunch of money on yarn, because now the wedding is off. (But we’re still going due to the magic of non-refundable tickets.)

The last time we visited, I don’t even think I knew how to knit yet, but was crocheting a lot. I made the almost-mother-in-law a cute and kicky hat, and the Nana a scarf, both of which were very well received. In the intermittent years, pretty much everyone in the Murphy clan has heard at least something about my knitting exploits, and while no gifts have been explicitly promised, I’m pretty sure they are somewhat anticipated.

And it’s not that I really feel obligated to knit them all gifts… I really want to. It just seems like a good gesture to make to people who are (hopefully) going to be a part of my life forever, for better or worse and all that crap. Several years ago, towards the beginning of our relationship, Bob and I lived with his parents for almost 4 months. Even though the situation didn’t work out long term (did I mention Bob’s two older brothers were living there at the same time?), it was still a really nice thing for them to do, surely something that warrants them something beautiful and handmade. And as for the brothers… well, that’s kind of complicated. Let’s just say that one is a basically good person who is nursing a broken heart (and we all know that knitted gifts are great for curing broken hearts!) The other and I have sort of a boiling rivalry difference of opinion, and I think it’s time for me to make some kind of peace offering. That pretty much covers the immediate family, except for the dog. Well, at least the dog isn’t expecting anything. Hell, he probably doesn’t even remember me!

So that makes a minimum of four meaningful, lovingly made handknitted gifts to crank out over not quite a month. And as my knitting friends can all attest to, I don’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to actually finishing a project. (But I am a great starter!!) I have not actually fully completed a project with ends woven in and all since…. I think the hat I made for Mery back in January. Wow. It has been a really long time! (To my credit, I did almost finish one sock last week, but I still have to graft the toe… and plus there is still a whole second sock to do so… I don’t really think it counts.) So it will be a miracle if all this gift knitting actually happens. Sigh.

Well, I just have to come up with some quick things to knit that look like they required a lot more effort than they actually did. Oh, and did I mention that I am seriously on a budget here? After all, I just spent $600.00 on non-refundable plane tickets!

I think I’m going to work this all out on my evening walk. Perhaps one of my lovely knitting friends has a fabulous, cost effective solution in mind? Best one gets a cookie! (But it will probably just be a reduced fat Oreo guys… sorry, no time to bake! Gotta knit!)

Oh, and in the good news department, I am down 11 pounds from when I started WW two weeks ago and I am pretty darn happy about it! I like the points thing because it gives me something to be a little OCD about. Why is the third week on the diet always the hardest? Well, actually so far this week hasn’t been that bad diet-wise, but I am preparing myself for some sort of calamity at any moment.



  1. Mery said

    no calamity will happen, with the points is all good! …ok, this suggestion might not work BUT you know what’s a super quick knit? TOYS (6 hours tops) and cheap (lamb’s pride worsted or bulky). Anyway, you can borrow my book if you want.

  2. Liz said

    Hey, I hope you see this in time… I’ll be at Sophie’s tonight for the group! Hope to see you there.

  3. colleen craft said

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope you all have a wonderful time with his parents. It sounds like fun. Colleen

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