A week’s worth of blogging…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole week since I had a chance to blog! There’s been a lot going on around here, both in my knitting and regular life. Hmmm… where to start…

  • Last weekend got to go to Cincinnati with the Bob to go see our comedy idol, George Carlin. As if seeing Carlin wasn’t good enough, we also got to stay in an uber-ritzy hotel that was totally out of our league (they had valet parking!! a minibar!! room service!! a bathtub the size of my bathroom!!) AND I got to go to explore and unfamiliar yarn shop, which was… well, I’ll go into further detail about that momentarily. I think the fact that one of the socks I’m working on right now was in the same room as George Carlin is probably the coolest thing ever. (Though I had to cover its delicate, virgin sock ears for some of the jokes.) I had the time of my life, whatever that means.
  • I still have not completed a single knitting project, but I’ve been making slow but steady progress on my purple cardigan and my sock, which I have decided to affectionately name George. I have decided that my inability to finish ANYTHING is only moderately depressing, since it is almost spring anyway and I won’t really be in dire need of heavy woolen garments. Of course, now I am wanting to start on spring/summer sweaters and tanks. Must… persevere….
  • In my last post I mentioned that Mery and I met for a learn-to-spin session at Highland Coffee. Am I making progress? Well, sort of. I have to say, spinning gives you a whole new perspective on your yarn, and it makes you really appreciate all those ancient handspinners in days of yore. If I was somehow zapped back in time and I was relying on my own two hands to spin and knit myself to survival through a cold harsh winter, I would freeze to death for sure. I really, really enjoy the process though, and I have a funny feeling that I’m going to end up investing a lot of time, effort and money to this new hobby before it’s all over with. But for now, all I have to show for a week’s worth of strenuous effort is about half of a gauge swatch in something vaguely resembling Colinette point five.
  • Poor Liz  is probably ready to wring my neck after several days of trying to coordinate a yarn purchase with me so we could split our shipping costs. First I was gone all weekend, then I couldn’t remember what website we were ordering from, then I didn’t see her comment in my blog about already having picked out yarn from Simply Socks and emailed her voting for Purl Soho on the grounds that they have Koigu, which I have never knitted one stitch of and have been dying to try. I am a hurricane of miscommunication.

But just look at the friggin’ awesome yarn I picked out from Purl! (on the right) It’s KPPPM and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Also, I ordered a single skein of this weird color of Classic Elite
Premiere. (on the left) The color is called Bleached Orchid and I need 17 skeins of
it to make this gorgeous, elegant cabled sweater from a slightly older
issue of Interweave Knits. I couldn’t buy all the yarn for the sweater right
now, so I just got one skein to see the color in person (I really
wanted a more lavendary color, but this one looks interesting), and
also, I need to swatch it before I embark on the whole sweater because
it looks pretty complicated and I want to make sure I can take it on
before I invest a lot of money into it.

Before I sign off here, a quick note about the yarn store I visited during my visit to Cincinnati. I won’t name any names, but this probably was the weirdest experience I’ve had at a yarn store in a while. The shop was pretty small, but it had a lot of yarn I’d never seen before and I was happy with the selection. There were three people working in the store and from the time me and the Bob walked in, not a single one of them said a word to either of us. Not when we came in the door. Not after we had walked around awhile. Not even when I made my purchase and left! Not a "Hello", and "Can I help you?", not a "Thanks!" I don’t think I’ve ever been in a yarn shop ever where I wasn’t even greeted. Bizaaaaarro. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that they were all under one of those curses like in the Twelve Wild Swans, where they couldn’t talk for seven years or something at the risk of failing some perilous quest. (Actually, working in a yarn store would be a good place for the main character of that particular fairy tale, since she was knitting shirts out of nettles. Recent studies show that nettles are actually more pleasant to knit with than Fun Fur.) Anyhow, their somewhat odd attitude didn’t prevent me from buying a ball of Opal sock yarn in a pretty, solid pink. It’s funny because Liz and I had just been complaining about how hard it is to find sock yarns in solid colors, and here this weird shop had a whole bunch of the stuff. I only regret that I didn’t buy more. *sigh* So much yarn, so little time.


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  1. Liz said

    Our Koigu has been shipped! It’s still in California, which I totally wasn’t expecting since Purl is in NYC. But anyway, it’s estimated arrival date is April 4, but I’ve been getting my shipments a couple days ahead of time lately. It should be here by next Wed though, I’d think. Yay Koigu!!!

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