Screw you guys… I’m makin’ socks!

The latest statistics (scientifically collected from my yarn shelf) show that I currently have no less than five projects in various stages of completion, and three of them are sweaters! I am surprised there weren’t actually more, but before I go patting myself on the back for my great project management skills, I have to take into account the fact that I decided that I would only count the projects I have some interest in finishing. The other ten or so things may still technically be "on the needles", but only because I haven’t had the strength of will to frog them yet.

The worst part is, I still have at least one way belated Xmas present to finish (read: start), and two more birthday presents (besides Brad’s sweater, also unfinished) that are either past due or fast approaching. And of course there’s that mounting list of projects that I really, really want to start… some geeky hats for my posse’s annual trip to Gencon, something cool for my Mom for Mother’s Day, assorted baby items for all my pregnant knitting friends… I could go on, but you get the picture. Too much to knit and not enough time.

So what am I going to do about my descent into chaos?




I’m going to finish the pair of socks I’m working on. I’m going to ignore my growing project pile.And after that, when I feel like it, I’m going to go through my stas and figure it out. I am not going to let knitting, which is one of the few things in world that gives me a genuine feeling of happiness, become another thing in my life to be stressed out about. Life is way too short. All of the knitting-related drama over the past couple of months could easily have sucked all the fun out of my crafting life, and after all that, what’s two or three unfinished sweaters?

My advice for the day for my fellow knitters is to look at what you’re working on and ask yourself, "Is this what I really want to be working on?" And if it’s not, put it down and pick up something that makes you really happy.   


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  1. Liz said

    Yes!! Knit socks. You can always be working on socks while working on large scale projects. In fact, I recommend it. Gotta break the monotony. JUST SAY NO TO PROJECT MONOGAMY!

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