Glutton for Punishment?

Now that Team Cast Off
has officially bid "Arrividerci" to the 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics,
I’m pretty sure a lot of my fellow knitters are going to be focusing on
the simpler things in life. For everyone who spent the last two weeks
working on laces, cables, intarsia, or some bizaare combination of all
of the above, I can definitely see the appeal in refusing to knit
anything but garter stitch scarves for the next month or so. But I (who
btw did not even FINISH her Olympic knitting project)
have probably just cast myself into a pit of perputual UFOs by
committing myself to two new somewhat-time-sensitive projects. Not to
mention all the other projects I have currently languishing on needles.
(This is the part of this musing where I was going to roughly estimate
the number of my UFO’s, but there are way, way too many. Definitely enough to warrant setting aside a block of time to muse on this sad fact later.)

Time-Sensitive Project #1- Birthday Sweater for Brad

Brad is one of my roommates (and one of my favorite people), and his birthday is March 11th. (Yes, I am aware that today is the 3rd… let’s try and not dwell on that unpleasant fact.) I bought yarn for the sweater last night, mostly black and one skein of burgundy whose fate is as yet undecided (stripes? trim? anatomically correct intarsia heart? ) I’m planning on making a raglan from the top down, even though so far I’ve only made sweaters from the bottom up. I’m pretty excited to figure out the top-down method of sweater construction; it seems very practical and quick. My hopes are pretty high for being able to finish the sweater by Brad’s birthday, mostly due to the fact that he measures an almost shockingly tiny 32", bless his skinny ass. Not a whole lot bigger around than a hat! (Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.)

Time Sensitive Project #2

My extremely talented friend Liz is in the process of designing a goregeous pair of socks, and I am more than happy to help her beta-test the pattern. Especially since

a) she is including an XL size for us large-legged ladies

b) she bought me some awesome yarn for helping her out


c) I get to keep the socks!

I am pleased as punch about the yarn she picked out, as it is uber-soft and very springy, but she really didn’t have to bribe me with cool yarn; I would have done it for the pure joy of sock knitting.

She has mentioned (in moments of frustration) that the pattern might be the devil incarnate, but I am totally ready to take this devil on! I am waiting with bated breath and am ready to put all other sock knitting endeavours on hold.

Really, the projects go hand in hand, because I should be able to work on the sweater primarily during movies and tv and whatnot, as it is going to be a lot of stockinette and shouldn’t require to much brainpower. And, if the socks do end up threatening to send me to the brink of insanity, I can always work on the sweater for a bit while I take a deep, relaxing breath. Or, alternatively, Brad’s birthday present will mysteriously transform into a 4th of July present…


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