Not Another F*$#!ing Knitting Blog!

I used to have a blog. It was a small blog, a quiet blog, a blog of no consequence. I started blogging becasue it sounded like fun, a lot of knitters were doing it and doing it well, and I thought I might have something to say about the craft I love. As it turned out, I had a LOT to say, but since I didn’t have a digital camera, I quickly got frustrated with not being able to provide visuals to go along with my words, and eventually sacked the blog like so much garbage, hoping wistfully that some day, I might get a camera and start over, a better blog rising from the ashes.

As it turns out, I still haven’t gotten around to buying a camera, but I really miss the whole blogging experience. (I have a cameraphone now, but really don’t understand it. I am not very technologically gifted.) It doesn’t hurt that now several of my friends have started their own craft-tastic blogs, and I am kind of a joiner. I still have a lot to say about the wild and wonderful world of yarn, needles, and the amazing things that can happen when they meet. So with or without the benefit of pictures, I am determined to document my knitting journey, if only for myself. Who knows, with the proper motivation, I might even sit down and figure out how to work that dang newfangled picture/phone thingy. Maybe.

I feel almost guilty, throwing my little knitting blog into the mix when there are already so many fabulous knitters doing the same, with more grace and good humor than I could hope to muster. But I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon, and somewhere in between my DIY-ethos and my big mouth, a blog was bound to happen sometime, right?



  1. Mery said

    yeay holly! I’m all ears and eyes and can’t wait to see what’ll come ouf of your blog!

  2. Mery said

    p.s. I love the breakfast at tiffany’s reference!

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